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What Is A Key Differentiator Of Conversational Artificial Intelligence Ai Brain With Dasha Conversational AI, companies can take their customer service to new heights. By automating routine inquiries and providing instant assistance, businesses can significantly reduce response times and improve overall customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Dasha AI's ability to understand context and respond dynamically ensures that customers receive accurate and personalized solutions to their queries. Seattle-T [...]

6 Best Ecommerce Chatbot Tools for Your Online Store 2023 Zalora saved a lot of man-hours and provided excellent customer support without human intervention. Botanalytics also allows you to measure the conversion rates of conversation goals you’ve set. For example, you can measure your bot’s purchasing completion rates. The service offers a free plan with limited reporting, a $99/month plan with conversion funnel and conversation segmentation reporting, and a $349/month plan with customized repo [...]

Data science in light of natural language processing: An overview Out of the different deep learning models used, the CNN-LSTM model performed the best, with an accuracy of 91.1%. The authors furthermore carried out analysis of what AD-related features of language the deep learning models are learning. Deep learning models now can classify between speech or text produced by a healthy individual and that from an individual with mental illness. Thus, it can be used for designing diagnostic systems [...]