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6 chatbot best practices for e-commerce sites

6 Best Ecommerce Chatbot Tools for Your Online Store 2023

chatbot e-commerce

Zalora saved a lot of man-hours and provided excellent customer support without human intervention. Botanalytics also allows you to measure the conversion rates of conversation goals you’ve set. For example, you can measure your bot’s purchasing completion rates. The service offers a free plan with limited reporting, a $99/month plan with conversion funnel and conversation segmentation reporting, and a $349/month plan with customized reporting.

  • Chances are, you’d walk away and look for another store to buy from that gives you more information on what you’re looking for.
  • A hybrid chatbot can collect customer information, provide product suggestions, or direct shoppers to your site based on what they’re looking for.
  • Chatbots are revolutionizing e-commerce and empowering companies to provide excellent purchasing experiences to customers.
  • But, with traditional tools of engagement, it eventually results in average customer satisfaction.
  • Use Google Analytics, heat maps, and any other tools that let you track website activity.

This works for items of clothing, makeup, faces, and even pictures of celebrities wearing the user’s favourite beauty products. Users simply hold their phone up to an item or image and the bot will detect the colour. By the end of the exchange, which lasts less than a minute, the user has their skin type. They’re then given a link to a Nivea webpage full of tips and products designed to look after their type of skin. A quick witted bot with a strong personality can generate press and create a memorable experience.

The future of customer experience is conversational. Join us today.

Since most bots are hosted on messengers and social media platforms, the reputation of these channels as the new conversion-boosters is getting stronger, over websites and landing pages. Multiple companies use chatbots to create a unique voice for their brand. The development of AI and machine learning allows chatbots to develop a personality, be funny or witty, and write in distinct from that of other chatbots in the market. According to Microsoft’s survey, the quality of customer service is a deal-breaker for 95% of responders.

  • Here are a few more ways in which E-commerce chatbots can prove beneficial for both your business and customers.
  • Ochatbot comes with unique pricing plans for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and lead generation businesses.
  • With Chatfuel, it’s not as easy to get started as it is with other Messenger bot builders.
  • Do your research to make sure your chat app offers this support (or consider switching to a new one that does).

The Pro plan provides access to advanced features and scales the pricing based on the number of contacts. There is also a Premium plan for custom-built solutions and tailored support. Customers.ai offers multi-channel chatbot tools for SMS, Facebook, and web chat.

eCommerce Chatbots: Drive Sales and Customer Retention

Read our in-depth article that covers all aspects of how to create a chatbot. Now instead of increasing the number of messages and phone calls you receive to track orders, you can tackle the queries with a chatbot. You’re more likely to share feedback in the second case because it’s conversational, and people love to talk. Now think about walking into a store and being asked about your shopping experience before leaving. You walk into a store to buy a pair of jeans, but often walk out with a shirt to go along with them.

chatbot e-commerce

It will walk you through the process of creating your own pizza up until you add a delivery address and make the payment. Simple chatbots are the most basic form of chatbots, and come with limited capabilities. They are also called rule-based bots and are extremely task-specific, making them ideal for straightforward dialogues only. But think about the number of people you’d require to stay on top of all customer conversations, across platforms. This especially holds true now that most shopping has gone online and there is a lack of touch and feel of a product before making a purchase.

An eCommerce chatbot can have lots of functionalities, from customer support to generating brand awareness. Another slightly different but highly inspirational ecommerce chatbot example is the Insomnobot3000 developed by mattress retailer Casper. An ecommerce chatbot can easily deal with these requests, reducing the demand on a contact centre. Chatbots are best known for answering customer service queries, such as FAQs.

The clothing brand H&M created a chatbot on Kik that asks users questions about their style and offers photo options for users to select. With this information, the bot creates a fashion profile of each user to make outfit suggestions and direct the user to purchasing the clothing. The office supply store uses Facebook Messenger to offer customers product suggestions based on their requests and past orders.

Seamless navigation: Epigamia Store condenses its experiences to a chatbot

For example, a bot can appear on your website to answer questions or guide uncertain users to the right product, as we discussed earlier. And it can work a similar kind of magic with users who comment on your Facebook page posts. Contrary to popular belief, an abandoned cart can also be a great source of revenue.

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