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13 Legit Ecommerce Software Solutions 2023 Complete Guide

Affordable and easy to use, it includes features such as customizable templates, multi-channel selling, and integrations. It’s also customizable, so you can tailor it to your preferences. With Big Cartel, you can sell products online via your site, in person or on Facebook.

Choosing the right software for you will help make a real impression – and lots of money too. However, companies processing $500 or more monthly can use Shift4Shop for free, making it cheaper than Weebly Professional. Credit card transaction fees may be less expensive since you can choose your payment processor with Shift4Shop.

What Is E-Commerce Software?

Also, customizing the store takes a lot of time to understand and get used to except for experienced users because there’s no drag-and-drop functionality. Fortunately, there’s a community of developers willing to assist with theme development and other modifications. I still think it’s missing out by not offering abandoned cart saver as a core feature. Shopify made a move to make it included – really undercutting the competition. Nevertheless, it still has more features out of the box than Shopify.

We do want to recommend that you consider a few as front-runners – BigCommerce was by far the best overall platform for any business model and performs excellently for SEO. While you can get a large number of free WordPress themes, Shopify and BigCommerce are restricted to 9 and 12 respectively. You’ll have to pay for the other great guys that you might prefer.

Square Online

It offers a complete solution for merchants who want to create a beautiful storefront, sell products online, and process payments. BigCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for those looking for a more advanced solution to build a larger online store. It’s quite common among developers and software houses looking for a tool to help them design an e-commerce store for their customers.

Ecommerce Software Solutions

It’s free to list your items on Meta but you may be charged a commission depending on how you sell. When you tap the screen, you can click to see more information about applicable products. But you do have to follow local laws and regulations pertaining to small businesses. Plus, this built-in feedback system means shoppers don’t have to leave the site to do research while they consider a purchase.

Wix Integrations and Plans

Cumbersome forms and multiple steps deter potential customers from completing purchases. BigCommerce recognizes this pivotal aspect and presents a streamlined solution – the Single Page Checkout. This succinct, distraction-free checkout minimizes hurdles, ensuring a seamless transition from selection to purchase. Particularly advantageous for online businesses, BigCommerce shines with its multifaceted capabilities, including robust multichannel functionalities and cutting-edge SEO tools. You forego the need for inventory, as your chosen supplier takes charge of fulfilling customer orders directly.

If you plan on using PrestaShop, note that it doesn’t support several popular integrations, so you’ll have to use its in-house solutions. If you’re just getting started and consider yourself tech-savvy, PrestaShop is worth a look. The open-source ecommerce software is very flexible and customizable–a pro and a con on its own.

OpenCart: Best free B2B e-commerce platform

The company must buy and operate all of the servers, firewall, operating systems, software licenses, and other equipment as a result of this strategy. On-premise isn’t a good option for you if your organization doesn’t have an IT department or the funds to hire one. For some people, they need to be able to get on a phone for support. From our analysis, BigCommerce and Shopify are at par in ease of use scores. You don’t need to be the master of web dev before you can use them and there’s a ton of support.

  • However, larger enterprises may require additional resources and premium extensions to meet specific requirements.
  • All the data about your customers and suppliers become available and synched for your employees, which will save you and your team’s time on cross-checking the data every time you need it.
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  • It offers a wide variety of options for B2B e-commerce sellers, and it’s free to users who process at least $500 per month in sales using Shift4.
  • Zen Cart is a user-friendly, open-source e-commerce platform that is highly customizable and supported by an active community.
  • Don’t worry, though – you’ll find communities, resources, and tutorials available to lend a hand.
  • It gives you everything you need to get started selling online – whether you sell physical or digital products.

Instead, retailers can use Stripe or Square for payment processing. Its partnership with Printful makes Squarespace Commerce Advanced the best e-commerce platform for selling custom merchandise. Printful’s print-on-demand service doesn’t require any upfront payment. You create the design and Printful oversees production, fulfillment global cloud commerce and shipping. The artificial intelligence (AI) features help write product descriptions, whereas you can organize shopping pages quickly with the drag-and-drop sorting tool. Aside from Shift4Shop (which requires retailers to process $500 monthly), competitors charge $14 to $89 more for an e-commerce subscription.

Compare SpecsThe Best E-Commerce Software for 2023

Also, NetSuite offers comprehensive quality management features, enabling manufacturers to enforce strict quality control measures throughout the production cycle. It facilitates the tracking and tracing of components, materials, and finished goods, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. In today’s highly competitive electronics manufacturing industry, the focus is on producing top-quality products while simultaneously reducing costs. In the dynamic world of electronics manufacturing, staying ahead requires the right tools.

Ecommerce Software Solutions

Now, let’s unravel the secret to finding your ideal ecommerce software – four crucial questions stand between you and the perfect match. However, it’s only fair to acknowledge that while WooCommerce paints a rosy picture, it does come with its intricacies, much like its counterpart, Magento. Navigating these waters might require a certain degree of technical know-how. Additionally, some add-ons which come bundled in with Shopify and BigCommerce plans might come with a slightly higher price tag when integrated into your WooCommerce setup. Across all BigCommerce editions, product listings encompass dimensions like size, color, or pattern choices. A diverse array of formatting tools, including checkboxes, size selectors, and dropdown menus, seamlessly integrate these options.

What is the entry-level pricing for Shopify?

From there, you can use extensions to add additional functionalities to your store, like subscriptions, multiple currencies, 360 product image rotation, and more. You can also work with a verified partner, called a WooExpert, to get additional help with your site setup, implementation, and development. Instead of taking orders manually over the phone or by email, let your B2B customers place orders with you 24/7 with access to their pricing and products. B2B ecommerce, or business-to-business digital commerce, is a business model in which one company sells to another company (instead of to a consumer). The global B2B ecommerce market was valued at almost $15 trillion in 2020—five times the size of the B2C ecommerce market. Yes, many free eCommerce platforms are highly scalable and can accommodate the needs of large businesses.

Key features

They serve business customers in areas like medical supplies, electronics, furniture, office equipment, agriculture, and more. CS-Cart is an all-in-one ecommerce platform for creating marketplaces. It’s also a B2B ecommerce solution for manufacturers and wholesalers who want to automate and streamline their cooperation with purchasers. Choosing an ecommerce platform is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an ecommerce business owner.


Whether you’re a startup or an established industry player, these software solutions offer the capabilities to streamline your operations, enhance collaboration, and drive efficiency. NetSuite’s advanced planning and scheduling capabilities empower electronics manufacturers to optimize their production processes. SYSPRO ERP is highly regarded as one of the best choices for electronics manufacturing software due to its robust features and functionalities tailored specifically for the industry. Its comprehensive capabilities enable electronics manufacturers to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and effectively manage their entire business processes. Their innovative solutions are capable of withstanding third-party audits, minimizing product defects and variations, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Furthermore, ConnectPOS provides comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) capabilities tailored for electronics manufacturing.